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Dear Doc's Deer Stands,

Enclosed please find picture of the 30 point deer, that here in my home state of Missouri, I was able to harvest. This was a Non-Typical buck with a Boone and Crocket score of 223. This was accomplished while using one of your deer stands, which I had just recently purchased. I felt very secure while in this deer stand and feel that your product helped me in being able to harvest this beautiful buck. I would like to thank you for producing these very strong and steady deer stands and making them available to those of us that enjoy the sport of hunting. I would highly recommend your product to all who enjoy this sport.

Herman D. Stiefferrnan
Dittmer, Missouri



Dear Doc's Deer Stands,

I was about 10 feet high, relaxing, when this buck was following another smaller buck. I laid my Rem. 700 Muzzle Loader on the shooter/safety rail. I watch the video that came with the stand each season to relearn the stand. The video helped me a lot to set the stand up and take it down. Now you have a picture of the results. (9 pt)

Thank you
Glen E. Masters
Oardanelle, AR


 Ronald Ceitz
Port Allegany, PA
Archery season
8 point out of Doc's Recliner



 Dear Doc's,

Just thought I'd drop you a line about my new stand. I received it last week, camoed and soundproofed it, and tried it out Sat. I have never been able to sit in a tree that comfortable for so long since I have been hunting. I'm 47 years old and spent a total of 6 hours in the stand, and felt just as good when I quit as I did when I started. I told my wife, if I could fasten a tree in my living room I could just hang my stand and she could through out my old recliner chair that she hates so much. Just thought I'd say thanks again for a GREAT stand.

Danny Fender
Hendersonville, NC



The stand I recently ordered from you is all I could possibly want in a climber. I have hunted the two previous years with the aide of a Tree Lounge. The difference between the two are like night and day, especially the weight difference. I used a fully equipped Tree Lounge and it feels as if there's ten pounds difference in the two. I'm guessing on the weight difference, however, it's very obvious. After unpacking the stand I preceded to preview the video that was included with it to become familiar with the set up and break down. After becoming proficient with its operation I proceeded to the woods. I have already enjoyed two hunts using my recliner. This is a very precise made stand and very obvious that a lot of attention is paid to detail. I really appreciate the nice rounded edges and the well fused welds. It's as quite as a mouse if sound proofed according to your directions in the video. I have been so eager to hunt. I've not taken the time to camo it. Very versatile for both gun and bow.

I'm a very satisfied customer

Harvey Rouse, Jr.
North Carolina




Doc's Deer Stand, Inc.
7 Colby Lane

Pensacola, FL 32506


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