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1. Seat Section Rear Locking Rail
2. Seat Section Side Rails
3. Shooter/Safety Adjustment Bar
4. ShooterfSafety Bar
5. Lower Seat Rail
6. Hang-Bar Support
7. Hang-Bar
6. Platform Adjustment Bar
9. Platform
10. Waist Safety Belt
11. Shoulder Straps
12. Climbing-Aid Rear Locking Rail
13. Shoulder Strap Cord
14. Hinged Extender



#1 Place stand on ground with Platform down. Unbuckle Safety strap (10)

#2 Slide the plastic tri-glides on the Shoulder Straps(11) down to loosing the straps. (You should never need to take the straps out of the tri-glides). Remove climbing-Aid Rear Locking Rail (12) by pulling the pins. (Note that pins also go into holes in Seat Section Side Rails for backpacking). Remove it from the Shoulder Strap loops.
#3 Mount the Climbing-Aid on the tree with the 2 pins as shown. The starting angle on the tree should be about 10 to 20 degrees from horizontal. The angle will increase during climbing due to the taper of the tree.
#4 With Recliner on its side, swing the Shooter/Safety Bar (4) into position. Install the 2 pins. When inserting the pin at the ground, lift the stand with one hand and insert the pin with the other hand. You do not need to turn the stand over. (Note the pins were stored in the Side Rails (2) for backpacking).
#5 Now swing the Platform (9) into position and put the 2 pins, (one on each side) into the center of 5 adjustment holes. (See #12 for pin insertion details). You will find a plastic plug in the Seat Rails to keep you from installing the platform pins in the wrong holes. the plugged holes are used when the accessory wheels are installed.

#6 Pull the Safety Belt (10) to the front of the stand and let the Shoulder Straps (11) hang ove the sides of the Seat Rails(2).


#7 Remove the pins and Rear Locking Rail (1). Push the stand against the tree by holding Lower Seat Rail (5) with one hand. Install the Rear Locking Rail with the other hand and insert the 2 pins. If tree is too large to reach both pins, insert one, go around tree to install other pin. The stand will not fall if one pin is in. (Note the 2 adjustment holes in each Side Rail. By alternating holes, stand is adjustable in 1" increments. Refer to #12 for proper stand angle).
#8 Secure Cords (13) on the Shoulder Straps (11) to Climbing- Aid as shown. If tree is large, put cords inside the Rear Locking Rail (12). ALWAYS USE THE CORDS

#9 PUT ON SAFETY BELT (10). NEVER CLIMB OR HUNT WITHOUT IT! Flip 3" Comfort Cushion over Lower Seat Rail toward platform. To climb up or down tree, face tree while straddling Sling Seat. Sit on Lower Seat Rail and put your toes into the Hinged Extender (14). Climbing is accomplished by SITTING to raise or lower the Climbing-Aid and STANDING to raise or lower the Seat Section.

#10 To move from climbing mode to hunting mode, and while still facing tree in a sitting position, ALWAYS place heels on back edge of Platform
#11 After BOTH heels are on the edge, stand up and step over the Lower Seat Rail. Flip cushion into seat and set down. To descend, stand on Platform and face tree. Step over Lower Seat Rail to back edge of Platform once again, and sit down. Pull Climbing-Aid into position for standing
#12 The designed angle for Doc's Recliner is 37 degrees from horizontal. This is the proper angle for hunting, which means you must take the tree's taper into consideration when setting up the stand. This takes practice with any climbing stand. If you missed the designed angle and the platform is not level, it may be leveled by putting your toes under the outside corners of the Platform and lifting just enough to take the weight off the adjustment pins. Completely remove both the pins and adjust the level. (Remember, the pins are permanently attached to the stand, so you don't need to worry about dropping them). Install the pins in their appropriate holes making sure they go all the way through the Adjustment Bars (8), Hang-Bar Supports (6) and Hang-Bars (7). You will not be able to see the Hang-Bar inner holes, but by moving the platform up and down a little with your feet, the pins will find the holes. With just a few practice adjustments of the Platform, you will quickly find that it is so easy to level, that the stands angle on the tree is not critical. The designed angle of 37 degrees from horizontal can be missed by 25 degrees and the Platform can still be quickly adjusted to level.  
Once the stand is off the tree, put the Safety Belt to the back of the stand as it was. Store the pins in the holes they came from. Lay the Safety Belt flat on the ground and but the stand on it with the Platform down as shown in the first picture, step #1. Make sure Shoulder Straps are not tangled with Shooter/Safety Bar or Platform. Install the Climbing-Aid Rear Locking Rail at the 2nd set of holes. Install the pins making sure they go all the way into the Seat Section Side Rail holes, (These holes keep the Climbing-Aid from slipping while backpacking). Buckle the Safety Belt around the stand and you're ready to go. Don't forget the Seat Section Rear Locking Rail. These steps may seem complicated if you don't have a stand to look at, but once you know the stand, it can EASILY be set up or down in under 3 minutes.

Although all tree stands have similarities, the combined features and mechanics ot Doc's Recliner is unique. To compare with other designs, please click "Differences" from the menu.