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Doc's Recliner provides ultimate comfort for the serious all day hunter.

The stand can be set to 15 different levels using our Fail-Safe Rear Locking System. Even if a pin came completely out, the stand would not fail.

Doc's Recliner includes a 3" Comfort Cushion covered with water resistant Camo



From the sitting position, the Standing Platform is easily adjusted to a level position to compensate for tapered trees.

ALL adjustments on Doc's Recliner uses snap pins that are permanently attached to the stand with wire lanyards. There is nothing to drop or lose. There are NO adjustable bolts, knobs or wing nuts.

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Doc's Recliner comes in:

Bare Aluminum

(ITEM 1-A)


Power Coated

Tree Bark Gray with Green

 (Item 1-PC)

The Safety/Shooter Bar has 3 height adjustments. The top 2 are great for long bows, rifles, shotguns and black powder. The lowest position is good for compound bows. The rail can also be put all the way down to the platform or up and back to the tree. The Bar is covered with a rubber padding with water resistant Camo.

Doc's Recliner features a Hinged Extended Climbing-Aid that totally eliminated all ankle strain. It also puts the hunter away from the tree for perfectly balanced climbing.

Its construction is welded aluminum finished with a "powder coat" process which is much more durable than wet painting. The color is a Tree Bark Gray with a hint of green. As can be seen in these photos, the stand is a perfect match to most tree bark and branches.

Doc's Deer Stands, Inc

 was established in 1994


Owned and operated

by Jeff Longtine 

In less than 3 easy minutes Doc's Recliner goes from backpacking to on the tree and ready to climb. One who knows the stand well can do it in 2 1/2 minutes. It takes the same amount of time to take it off the tree and package it up for backpacking.

The stand as described here, weighs 30lbs. the stripped down stand, (minus Shooter/Safety Bar and Comfort Cushion) weighs 26lbs. We DO NOT recommend removing the Bar.


Since our competitor's redesign of their tree stand, which resulted in a weight reduction of their basic stand, we are swamped with calls asking about the weight of Doc's recliner. Some people have the misconception that if they add "accessories" to a basic stand, the weight stays the same! Not True!! If their shooter bar, platform and leveling device are added to their stand the weight increases to around 33 pounds. Please remember that the basic Doc's Recliner INCLUDES a Shooter/Safety Bar, a Standing Platform, a 3" Comfort Cushion and our Hinged Extended Climbing-Aid. These are not accessories on Doc's Recliner, and are always included for a total weight of about 30 pounds. If you add other accessories the weight will, of course, increase just as it does with other tree stands. Our accessory page gives weights to 1/10th of an ounce so that you may calculate what you will be carrying.

Jeff Longtine, President