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 The Differences

 Why do we say that Doc's recliner is the ultimate climbing stand? Lets look at a few differences between us and some of the other guys! Everyday we are asked these questions!

To understand the comparisons listed below, you should be familiar with Doc's Recliner by reading preceding sections of this website.)



Set-up and adjustments are made with snap-pins that are attached to the stand with wire lanyards. Permanent nuts and bolts are grade 8 bolts with self-locking nuts.

No adjustable bolts, wing nuts or knobs. Nothing to drop in the mud or loose in a pocket. No standard grade bolts to bend or break under strain.

Mig welded aluminum construction with special alloys that will bend rather than break if overloaded.

No steel railings or bars to weaken with rust. No brittle aluminum in critical locations.

One-piece aluminum side rails for super quiet operation. Rounded corners make them easy on the hands for comfortable climbing.

No multiple sections or telescoping rails that could be noisy or pinch the fingers.

Ridged locking system will go on any tree 8" to 20" in diameter and not affect the seat section. You can even hunt on a leaning tree. Our system will smash the bark but not cut it. It's legal in all states that allow climbing.

No chains or cables that will cause squeezing of the seat section on small trees. No teeth, spikes or knife edges to damage trees.

Rear-locking rails are designed for safety. Even if an adjusting snap-pin came out, the rail would jam and keep you in the tree.

No adjustable bolts or wing nuts to trust. No rails or bars that could swing open and let you fall.

All welded expanded aluminum platform construction allows the hunter to see through the platform.

No wood to rot out. No noisy pop-rivets. No blocked view of what's below.

While sitting, platform quickly and easily adjusts to 5 leveling positions with two attached snap-pins.

No cumbersome, time-consuming bolts or wing nuts to fumble with or lose.

Padded shooter/safety bar, good for rifle (shooter bar) or bow hunting (safety bar). Quickly adjustable to 3 shooting heights using two snap-pins. Moves down to platform or up and back to tree for open window shooting. Lots of room to move around.

No cramped area. No knees jammed against the shooter bar. No fixed-level height that could actually place the shooter bar in the way.

Sling seat that cradles the body for all-day hunting. The comfortable hunter does not get fidgety or sore.

No thinly padded wooden seats that are only good for a few hours of hunting.

Hinged-extended climbing aid totally eliminates ankle strain. It puts the hunter away from the tree for easy, balanced and quiet climbing.

No ankle pain as if you were trying to touch your knee with your toe. No hugging the tree to "drag" an off-balanced stand to the next step.

Hunter-friendly features include nylon washers between aluminum parts for easy, smooth movement. Extension strings on shoulder straps are used to secure the climbing-aid to the stand while climbing. This eliminates having to readjust the straps for backpacking. These features take time and money to install, but we think it's worth the extra trouble for a top-quality climbing stand. We refuse to lower our safety and quality standards to save a buck or make a cheap product!

We don't mean to imply that there are no other good climbing stands on the market, but the list of no-nos above are things that could cause problems, create frustration and accidents. We choose to avoid them.
Jeff Longtine


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