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 ITEM 2   - Cool Weather Pad

This pad lines the sling seat and ties to the Upper and Lower Seat Rails. Body heat is retained because the dense 1/4" foam rubber reflects heat back to the hunter. Once installed, pad stays in place during climbing and backpacking, and is easily removed during warm weather. Covered with polyester water resistant Camo.

Weight: 12.2 oz Price: $19.50


ITEM 3  - Angle Rail

The rail bolts on the Rear Locking Rail and slides into position when needed. It changes the stand angle an average of 15 degrees. It is used to lay back more or for climbing higher on tapered trees. It is not used or needed for platform leveling.

Weight: 13.3 oz Price: $35.00


ITEM 4 -  Pneumatic Wheels

Convert your Doc's Recliner into a deer and/or equipment cart. Individual hub supports create a ground clearance of 13" that would not be possible with a common axle. The stand's Shooter/Safety Bar and Shoulder Straps help distribute the deer's weight for well balanced carrying. Wheels attach in 30 seconds with 2 self-locking pins. Installs on all Doc's Recliners purchased after Nov. 1 1999

Weight: 6 lbs 5.0 oz Price: $64.50


ITEM 5 - Retainer Tabs

These tabs are used to keep the hunter from accidentally knocking a bow or rifle off the Shooter/Safety bar. They install with a flat screwdriver and will never need removing. They stick up 3" above the bar and can be trimmed to 2"

Weight: 5.5 oz Price: $14.50


ITEM 6 - Utility Hooks

The hooks utilize holes in the stand's side rails that are used to secure the Climbing-Aid for backpacking. They will fit all Doc's Recliners purchased after Nov. 1999

Weight: 2.8 oz Price $7.00


ITEM 7 - Shoulder Strap Pads

These rubber strap pads make Doc's Recliner more comfortable for those long walks. They slip over the straps and never need to be removed.

Weight: 3.8 oz Price $5.00



ITEM 8 - Shooter Bar Cover

This cover was new for 2001 and is included with all Recliners, and matches the cushions. Replacement includes the foam rubber padding.

Weight: 6.5 oz Price $15.00

ITEM 9 - Comfort Cushion

This 3" cushion has been our best-selling accessory Since 1995 and is now included with all Doc's Recliners. It's covered with polyester Water Resistant Camo.

Weight: 1 lb. 3.7 oz Price $24.50